How Typically Should You Clean Your Dryer Vent

The dryer vent encompasses the tube that runs through your wall into the actual vent that sits on the exterior of your home. When the dryer is on, you may need to check to form sure hot air is really being blown through the vent. A weak breeze that's not enough to blow open the vent flaps may be a smart indicator of a clog.

Unscrew any cover and check for signs of harm that need repair. Use your vacuum to once again suck out any lint and debris, or use your vent brush attachment to softly release lint and then remove it with the vacuum.

How often you will would like to clean your dryer vent depends on how usually you employ your dryer, how consistent you are in cleaning out the lint lure, the dryer create and model and the vacuum hose material.

It’s vital to scrub the vents of our clothes dryer vent often because clogged dryer vents pose a risk to our health and can damage our property. The dryer’s ductwork needs regular and proper maintenance and clean-up otherwise there's a risk of harm to the building. how to clean a dryer vent

He found this pretty ball of lint jamming up the duct work after the first 90 degree angle. (And yes, I am the blogger that saved the lint ball until I may take a picture of it in the daylight.)

Currently you are going to go in deeper. With a dryer duct cleaning kit, you'll extremely extend your reach. Commonplace kits come with versatile rods that permit you to get up to 12 feet inside the duct. You may attach the rods together. They are created to attach, but for added insurance, you'll tape over each connection with electrical tape thus there's no probability they come apart. The kit comes with a rotating brush that ought to go in 1st. On the back end, you will attach an influence drill to the rod close to you.

Dryers are the quantity one explanation for home fires in the US, and 80percent of these dryer fires begin as a result of of clogged vents. On average, dryers cause 15,60zero fires round the country every year, which lead to four hundred injuries and 15 deaths annually. In addition, if you have a gas dryer, clogged vents can also cause poisonous gases to collect inside your home. Thousands of folks are treated each year for gas inhalation due to vent problems.

The first and most significant step is to chop power to the dryer. You don’t wish to try to to any work on the vent while the appliance is drawing electricity. Therefore, the simplest and safest means to cut power is to unplug the unit.

A clean dryer vent can do everything from increase your machine's potency to stop dangerous house fires. The key to obtaining your dryer vent clean—and keeping it clean—is routine maintenance. From how typically your vents want cleaning to the simplest technique for ensuring it's safe for use, consultants share their recommendation on all-things dryer vents.

Insert the brush end of the rod into your duct. I decided to enter from the outside of the house since that's its highest point. The idea was to use gravity as an aid to clear lodged debris. It's easier to gather lint on my laundry room floor too than it is from inside my mulch-covered flower garden.